First Thing Monday – July 31 2017

There’s always plenty happening in the fast-moving world of online search and advertising. Here’s a summary of key things that caught our eye last week…

Advertisers are Flocking to Facebook

Facebook use continues to grow at a meteoric rate. Today, over 2 billion people (that’s more than a quarter of the world’s population) use Facebook every month. And two-thirds of these log in **daily**.

With so many eyeballs it’s no wonder advertisers are stampeding en-masse to spend advertising money on Facebook.

As a result, Facebook’s revenue and profit have soared. Revenues hit $9.3bn during the April to June period, a 45% increase year-on-year. And profits climbed 71% to an astounding $3.9bn.
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Why you’re getting higher bounce rates — and what to do about it

If your website has seen higher bounce rates recently, you’re not alone. In a post for eConsultancy, Biglight’s Steve Borges points his finger at increasing mobile traffic. He says retailers’ product pages are particularly affected but it’s not just slow site speeds that are at issue.

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Want more AdWords phone calls? Now you can bid more for them

Exclusive to the new AdWords interface, advertisers can now modify bids to get call extensions and Call Only ads showing more frequently in mobile search results.

Read about Call Adjustments on Google’s Help page…

Google’s been running a secret test to detect bogus ads

One Google initiative SureFire applauds — and its findings should make the industry nervous

The digital-advertising industry is looking to stamp out bogus ad inventory, like websites that claim to be premium brands but are actually sites the average person hardly ever visits.

Google, with help from some media giants, is taking the lead.


What is the state of marketing automation in Australia & New Zealand?

Marketing Automation is billed as the saviour (and bane) of marketers lives. How well do we reach more people faster with tailored messaging and leverage technology? Like a lot of things technology-related, the theory seems simple enough but once you start you realise that you need more technology to connect everything else. The biggest challenge that companies appear to face today is connecting the data across multiple platforms and channels…


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