Hasta La Vista Bing!

There’s always plenty happening in the fast-moving world of online search and advertising. Here’s a summary of key things that caught our eye last week…

Hasta La Vista Bing!

Apple is switching from Bing to Google for Siri web search results on iOS and Spotlight on Mac.

Apple has stated that their motivation for switching is consistency — Google is already the default search engine used by Safari on Mac and iOS.


The fact that Google is paying Apple over $3 billion a year is probably also a major factor!

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Google Data Studio: quicker and broader access to data

Google has introduced a beta for third-party connectors for Data Studio. Among the 10 launch partners are Supermetrics, ShufflePoint, CallRail, AdRoll and Power My Analytics.

The Supermetrics native connection enables data from over 20 marketing platforms Supermetrics (including Bing Ads, DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Yahoo Gemini), to be brought into Data Studio seamlessly. One advantage in using Supermetrics’ connection to Google Analytics rather than the direct connection Google provides is to override data sampling restraints. Currently, if Google Analytics data is sampled when shown in Data Studio reports there is no indication to this effect.
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Google’s changes to shopping search fail to please

After receiving a $2.7 billion fine in the EU, Google is having to make changes to how it is displaying shopping ads to avoid further fines.
Many are still saying this is still not enough.
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Bing rolls out offline conversion imports to capture impact of ads on offline sales

Advertisers running Bing Ads campaigns to generate leads can now upload offline conversion data back into the platform to get a more complete picture of campaign impact on actual sales.

The system leverages the Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) that gets appended to every Bing Ads URL when an advertiser enables the new Offline Conversion Import feature. That click ID gets passed in the referring URL and can be stored either in a cookie or remain persistent in the URL as a user browses the website. The click ID then gets passed into the advertiser’s CRM system when a user fills out a lead form on the website and remains associated with that user. If the user converts offline after speaking with a sales agent, the conversion can connect back to the click ID.
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