Get location based reminders on your phone

How often have you thought about grabbing something on the way home or next time you are in town then, when the time comes, auto pilot kicks in and as you pull into the driveway you remember too late?

Well in Google Now there is a reminder function that can monitor your location as when you are near remind you of the task.

If you have enabled Google Now you can set a reminder by¬†typing into the Google App search box or in Google Chrome. For example I know that Barkers is having a suit sale this week so if I type in “remind me to go to Barkers Mens Clothing” instead of the usual search results, a reminder box will appear.

Google Now Screen Location Reminder

You can personalise this with the location or time. If you chose the location you can then change or set the address to suit the store that you wish to go to.

Next time you are near the location your Google Now app on your phone will remind you.

Google is also apparently trialling the integration of this feature with AdWords which could be good news for both advertisers and consumers.


Why should you care?


Having the ability to set a location based reminder could have a positive impact on in-store conversions. Having the ability to ad reminder extensions in Text Ads will also give marketers more conversion data to show the trend and impact of online advertising on in-store sales.

Personally it will mean I won’t have to reverse out of the drive 3 nights a week when I forget to pop into the supermarket on my way home.

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