Google ads get more headlines, longer text

Good news if you’re running Google Ads campaigns: later this month, Google will allow expanded text ads to have three headlines (not just two). And you can add a second description to your ad copy. Plus you get 90 characters for your descriptions, not just the current 80.

Responsive search ads, introduced last month, were the first to get the additional headline with longer descriptions.

This will make most search marketers happy, but we expect SEOs will be closely watching the impact.

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Where are you? Google needs to know

Last week the Associated Press revealed that Google services store your location data — even if you’ve paused “location history” on your iPhone or Android phone.

So why must Google know your location, and what value is that data for Google?


43m Facebook Pages later, here’s what they learned

BuzzSumo and Buffer have teamed up to analyse 43 million Facebook business pages from 20,000 leading brands.

The two social media platforms wanted to understand what works best for businesses following Facebook’s recent algorithm changes.

Facebook’s changes, they found, have led to a dramatic decrease in post engagement. But if you’re thinking the only option is to increase your posts, think again.

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Celebs can now answer questions in Google search results

Celebs can now directly answer questions about themselves that appear in Google search results.

Previously available as a limited pilot, the new app Cameos lets Google-approved applicants record video answers and post them directly to Google.

So, Google, are Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe really not getting along, or is it all a pretense just to boost ratings?

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Google Search Console adds mobile usability report

What, you’re asking, didn’t it always have a mobile usability report? Well, yes, but you’d be thinking of the old Google Search Console.

Now the new beta is catching up, with features ported from the old version meaning you no longer have to jump between versions just to get some basic things done.

Convenience aside, you’ll probably be relieved to know that you can now manage users and permissions, add sites and validate ownership, and view the mobile usability report. All critical functions, and now all in the new version.

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