New-look Google dials up Search Relevance

One year shy of turning 20, Google has tarted up its search result pages (SERPs), hoping to appeal to people wanting more content that’s related and relevant to their search.

Google has added related topics and expanded what’s shown in Featured Snippets and Knowledge Panels.

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Celebrity Selfies come to Google mobile search

Google’s testing mobile search results that include what some are calling “celebrity selfies”. The pilot is on mobile search only, with video answers for questions commonly asked of Priyanka Chopra, Will Ferrell, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodriguez, James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Dominique Ansel and others.

Want to know how many languages Chopra can speak? Why not ask her yourself?

Star-struck? Well, yes, if you think you’ll be tongue-tied you can read more about how this thing works first.


How often do Consumers intentionally click mobile ads?

If you’re thinking the answer’s “not often”, you’d be right.

But then again, people say they never click on search ads, full stop, and yet here we are.

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Why shoppers are turning to search for ideas and inspiration

According to Google,“Search has long been a powerful tool for the information-hungry shopper. But search behaviour is evolving as browsing and discovery move online. While people are still searching for specific products, they’re increasingly turning to search before they’ve even figured out what to buy. More and more, they’re looking for ideas and inspiration.”

Sounds interesting, right? In a revealing interview, Google’s Sara Kleinberg talks about what Google’s Ads Research and Insights team has learnt from analysis of the company’s search data. And, more importantly, what they’ve discovered after talking to people about the “why” behind the data.

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Will Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri and Cortana change search?

Will Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri and Cortana change search?

Hell, yeah. That, at least, is what Stone Temple’s Eric Enge thinks. And if searchers are going to bypass the web browser, then marketers need to think ahead and start building their Alexa Skills and Actions on Google apps.

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Your Dystopian Nightmare Starts Here: Big Brother Really is Coming 

Last week The Times newspaper carried a story that will alarm many with its Orwellian 1984 connotations.

Facebook is developing a facial recognition tool linked to cameras installed in high street shops that feed information to floor staff about customers based on their user profile.

Facebook now has the largest facial recognition database in the world (with more than 300 million photographs uploaded each day).

Maja Pantic, a facial recognition expert and Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing at Imperial College London, condemned the latest patent as an intrusion of privacy.

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Riddle me this, Batman: What’s bigger than Facebook, but not as big as Amazon?


Yes, you heard right.

The social media company has just become the first Chinese company to break the market cap of USD $500 billion. At $534.5 billion, its market cap has more than doubled this year. That puts it ahead of Facebook, but behind Amazon. However, the comparisons with Facebook don’t end there…

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