Penguin Update: Google Labels Your Links

Google’s Gary Illyes was interviewed about the latest real-time Penguin release this week and gave further insights into how the algorithm works in relation to links.

In the conversation on the MarketingLand podcast Illyes  stated “So, if you think about it, there are tons of different kinds of links on the internet. There are footer links, for example. There are Penguinized links, and all of these kinds of links have certain labels internally attached to them, basically for our own information. And if the manual actions team is reviewing a site for whatever reason, and they see that most of links are labeled as Penguin real-time affected, then they might decide to take a much deeper look on the site and see what’s up with those links and what could be the reason those links exist — and then maybe apply a manual action on the site because of the links.”

The audio for this part of the conversation is below.

This lifts the lid just a little bit more on the real-time Penguin update. As each link is labelled, this builds an internal Google link quality profile for each site, allowing for further review and possibly automated alerts for the manual actions team to act upon.

Why should you care?

Google is dealing with shoddy, low-value links in real-time whenever a site is indexed (by building the profile and adding internal tags). But we now know that the process includes continuing to police and impose manual penalties against sites that have repeated (and intentional) violations.

With this in mind it really is still critical to continue the practice of disavowing shoddy links. Doing so shows you are aware of the issue and that your SEO company or webmaster is actively doing something about it.

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