Google measures micro-moments with new Suite 360

Google Analytics Premium is no more; say hello to Google Analytics 360.

The paid version of Google’s popular web analytics product not only has new features but is now central to Suite 360 — an integrated offering of six data and marketing analytics products.


The name change apart, Google Analytics 360 has been integrated with the other products, with more new features expected to roll out over the coming months. What’s most exciting marketers, however, are the new products in the Suite, including a data management platform, a testing and optimisation tool, and a visualisation product for reports and dashboards.

So, what’s in the package, and how much will it cost?

Second question first: Google has not yet announced pricing, but products will be available à la carte. All are now in limited beta, and available to current Google Analytics Premium and Adometry customers by invitation.

As for what’s in the box, paying customers will soon be able to take their pick from the aforementioned Analytics 360 as well as:

  • A data management platform, or DMP — Google’s first. Audience Center 360 helps marketers understand more about customers and find others like them across channels, devices, and campaigns. Integrates natively with Google and DoubleClick and is open to third-party data providers, DSPs and more.
  • A website testing and personalisation product for A/B landing page testing, conversion rate optimisation and personalisation. Called Optimize 360, it shouldn’t be confused with other A/B testing products Google has previously released. It adds “exciting new features and integrations unique from other tools in the market”, according to the analytics consultancy E-Nor, one of the companies involved in pre-release testing.
  • A data analysis and visualisation product — Data Studio 360. It integrates with Google Analytics and other Google data sources such as BigQuery, allowing the creation of interactive reports and dashboards.
  • A stand-alone version of the free Google Tag Manager, Tag Manager 360. Both products make it easier to tag, update and organise tracking code on your website (not just Google Analytics tags, but also various third-party and custom tags). With new and as yet unannounced features, the enterprise version includes guaranteed service levels and ongoing training.
  • Adometry, the cross-channel ad attribution platform Google acquired in 2104, now completely rebuilt and called Attribution 360. It provides the insights that marketers need to improve campaign performance and returns using, in Google’s words, “a data-driven algorithmic approach to measure the effect each ad has on a conversion when it’s included (or not) in a particular sequence”.


Optimize 360 has a lot more to offer than other Google A/B landing page testing products, according to early testers.

Why should you care?

Data-driven enterprise marketers have long wanted something more from Google than Google Analytics Premium. Suite 360 goes a long way towards addressing their needs, in particular with the addition of Optimize 360, Data Studio 360 and Audience 360.

As announced, however, some analysts believe it still falls short of providing everything by Adobe and Oracle (with their respective Marketing Cloud offerings).

In the likely event that you use the free version of Google Analytics, you’ll eventually be able to purchase some of the Suite 360 products independently without necessarily upgrading to Analytics 360.

If you’ve wanted some of the features that only come with Google Analytics Premium, can afford the price tag, and have been simply weighing up the differences compared to Adobe Analytics…well, your decision just got a little bit harder.

And if you’re not currently using any web analytics, we’re amazed you read this far. Let us know if you need help to get started!

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