Google Rebrands Webmaster Tools as Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools is no more. In a bid to make clear that the tools and reports are not just for webmasters, it’s now called Google Search Console.


Concurrent with the rebranding, Google has announced two new features aimed at companies using App Indexing.

The Search Analytics report now includes details on the top queries for an app, top pages, and traffic by country.

Google has also released a version of the Fetch As Google to provide app developers details as to how Google sees and renders app content.

At this time, Google Search Console shares the same URL as Google Webmaster Tools, but is also available through the shortened URL g.co/SearchConsole.

Why should you care?

We’re still surprised at the number of local companies we come across that have not yet verified their sites in Google Webmaster Tools, and those that have not connected Webmaster Tools to their Google Analytics accounts.

The name change might help; in our minds, the wealth of information now available in Google Webmaster Tools deserves to reach a much larger audience.

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