Has Twitter Realised 140 Characters Just Isn’t Enough?

Tech News reviews and analysis website Re/code reported this week that Twitter is developing a new product that will allow its users to post and share tweets longer than the current 140 character limit.

Sometimes things just can’t be summed up in 140 characters and it appears the Twitter execs are waking up to the fact.

In August this year they removed character limitations from direct messages (DMs), a possible precursor to removing or increasing character limitations from the public forum (as they can monitor and measure engagement and character lengths in a semi-closed environment).


Additional options have also been discussed over time such as removing users Twitter handles and links from the count but this change is reportedly bigger than that.

Why should you care?

The 140 Character limit has become synonymous with Twitter and many hardcore users love the fact it necessitates getting to the point.

Increasing the character limit will no doubt mean you can fit more in each tweet.

Some say that is a good thing, especially commercial users wanting to get key messages out.

Others will stick to the belief that sometimes less is more and if it can’t be said in under 140 characters you are saying too much.

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