Have we reached peak advertising?

Maybe so. A US survey reports that over 70% of consumers think ads have become more intrusive and prevalent than before. One probable reason: they're simply spending more time online and on different devices. But we sense something bigger is afoot.


Privacy Laws Get Tough: What NZ companies need to know


Next month, new EU privacy laws (known as GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation), come into force. And, yes, many NZ companies will be affected — even those that do not have offices in the EU. Maybe yours...


Would you pay to use Facebook?


Will users pay for Facebook, if it means their data is private and they don’t get any ads? How much?

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, suggested the possibility of an ad-free Facebook for paying users, answering questions on what reporters have described as her “apology” tour.



Google’s new video forecasting tool

Media planners can now forecast reach and frequency of AdWords video campaigns in over 50 countries.

Reach Planner is an invitation-only beta.


Viewable ads lift store visits by 50%

A new US study concludes that consumers exposed to viewable ad impressions are more likely to visit stores and make a purchase.

When compared to a control group that did not see viewable ads, those that did see them had a 53 percent lift in store visits and a 20.4 percent rise in in-store conversions.

Did Cambridge Analytica get your info?

Just 10 people in New Zealand downloaded the This is Your Digital Life app but, in doing so, they unwittingly gave access to the personal data of nearly 64,000 Facebook users.

Were you one of those affected? It’s simple enough to find out. Simply log in to Facebook and search on “cambridge”

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