How AdWords Auctions Actually Work

Hal Varian, the chief economist at Google, is the Yoda of Search Marketing Jedis. He has lectured at some of the world’s leading universities and has been at Google since 2002. More to the point, Hal played a major role in designing the Google AdWords auction system and has a great ability to explain how it works simply and succinctly.

How does AdWords Work

Over the past few years I have trained, managed and mentored hundreds of digital marketers. When it comes to AdWords, his YouTube clip explaining how the works is compulsory viewing. If you’ve never seen it before, watch this video and get a great insight into AdWords auctions.

Why should you care?

Knowing just how the auction works can help you identify when and what changes you need to make to improve your AdWords campaign results. Take a close look at which keywords you are bidding on (and your negative keyword list), your ad copy and your landing pages. Sometimes even slight improvements lead to better results.

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