iPhone 6S Guerrilla Advertising by Samsung

Few people wouldn’t be aware that this week Apple launched the much anticipated iPhone 6S. The public interest in this is clearly reflected by Google Trends data which shows a massive global spike in searches on Sep 10.

iphone 6S search spike

As you can see the interest in Samsung’s premium smartphone, the Samsung S6, was minimal by comparison. However Samsung did some nimble guerrilla marketing and tried to rain on Apple’s parade with the ad shown below.

Samsung S6 guerrilla advert using Google AdWords

It appears the ad campaign was only run on Google mobile searches and briefly during the day of Apple’s launch event.

Did this ad result in many prospective iPhone 6S buyers deciding instead to buy the Samsung S6? We doubt it. However for Samsung it was a cheap way to tap into a highly searched topic and leverage this to gain extra brand exposure.

Why should you care?

Unless you’re one of those overly passionate Apple or Samsung zealots it really shouldn’t. However what this does demonstrate is how Google AdWords can be cleverly used by lesser brands to leverage off bigger brands.

If you’re a smaller brand and willing to play hardball then this is an opportunity to exploit. For those of you with larger brands this represents a threat to be vigilant about.

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