Latest NZ smartphone stats just released

Here are some key NZ smartphone stats hot off the press from Google that any organisation with a website should find enlightening.

A big opportunity for those who act.

And an even bigger threat to those that don’t.

Here’s why…

1) More people have smartphones than ever before

  • Smartphone penetration is now 54% in NZ (up from 44% in Q1 2012):
  • 91% of smartphone users access the internet everyday
  • 54% search on their smartphones every day
  • 89% of users look for local information on their smartphone and 87% of these people take action on it!
  • 84% use their phone while doing other things (e.g. watching TV 51%)

2) Smartphones have changed how consumers shop

  • Three out of four have researched a product or service on their device
  • One third of smartphone users have made a purchase on their phone, with over half of these making mobile purchases at least once a month

3) Smartphones help advertisers connect with consumers

  • Mobile ads are noticed by 88% of smartphone users.
  • 57% have performed a search on their smartphone after seeing an offline ad

At SureFire we’ve seen marked increases in mobile devices being used to access our clients’ websites. Typically 20 – 30% of visits are coming from mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) and for most sites this is roughly twice what is was 12 months ago.

This growth is expected to continue and it’s widely predicted that by mid next year there will be more visitors accessing websites from mobile devices than desktop and laptop computers.

If you’re using Google Analytics you can easily see how much mobile traffic your website gets by looking at the mobile reports which are under the Audience Reports. As you can see these give both an overall breakdown by device category (desktop, mobile, & tablet), Clicking on the ‘Devices’ report will give a detailed report by device make and model.

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Later today the NZ IAB will be releasing latest online spend figures for Q2 and these no doubt will show increased spend on mobile advertising.

About the Author Mark Sceats

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