Location extension display ads are now available for local businesses

A new location extension for display ads was launched in AdWords last week.

The new ad format shows their store location,  business hours, photos/images as well as giving the ability to have an ad headline and copy.


The above ad for a local bakery may show to someone nearby reading a food blog, for example. Google says that in testing, 60 percent of clicks on the extension info were to get directions or more information about the location.

How do you create local ad extensions?

The great thing is these are very simple to set up. Simply enter the headline, logo description copy and upload up to three images.


To set up new display campaigns with location extensions:

  • Check “Extend my ads with location information.”
  • To show location extension ads only to people who are physically located around your stores — not people who are interested in your local area — click Location options (advanced) and select “People in my target location.”

Some ads may be converted automatically to include location extensions. Text, responsive and 300×250 image ads, in particular, can be dynamically converted to the new location extension format when users are nearby, unless advertisers opt out.

To opt out of location extensions in a display campaign or ad groups, select Location extensions on the Extensions tab in AdWords:

Click + Extension.
Select “Select campaigns” (or “Select ad groups”).
Select one or more campaigns (or ad groups) — the ones you’d like to turn off location extensions for.
Select “Use campaign location extension,” then select “Disable location extensions”.


Why should you care?

In the “mobile first” world that Google is moving towards these sort of mobile enhancements are becoming more and more important. Remember that in testing 60% of the clicks were to find out more information on the location, with online activity more likely to drive in-store sales.

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