What do the latest trends in video mean for marketers?

What does Meeker’s report have to say about the state of online video in 2018, and what new opportunities does video in 2018 present for marketers?


Google Shopping — now on Bing

US and UK retailers are now spending more on Google Shopping ads than AdWords search ads, and we expect that will soon happen here.

The challenge limiting merchant involvement, however, has often been setting up and maintaining an accurate and data-rich product feed.

But there are big (*hush-hush*) changes on the way from Google that will make Google shopping feeds easier to set up and manage.

Bing Ads often rides in AdWords’ slipstream, adding new functions and features shortly after Google has announced them. No surprises then that Microsoft has just announced a new GMC Import tool that allows Bing advertisers to import Google Merchant Center product feeds into Bing Merchant Center.

It’s a quick one-two step from there to get Bing product ads online. (Note however that Bing Shopping Campaigns and product ads are currently available only in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, India, and Canada.)


A Best Practice Guide To Reducing Website Page Weight


Having fast loading web pages is crucial for both good user experience and SEO performance.

Visitors to websites hate slow web pages and quickly abandon them. Plus Google uses page load speed as a ranking factor. So two very compelling reasons to ensure your website loads as fast as possible.

One of the key factors impacting how fast web pages load is their page weight or file size. The smaller the file size of a web page, the faster it’s going to load.

Check out this very useful guide which shows easy ways to reduce the file size of your website pages.


GoogleMyBusiness Posts Adds Products & Offers

Now you can not only highlight what's new or upcoming events in Google Posts, you can also highlight new products and offers.


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