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New Beginnings in 2018

Heading into the break I would like to announce that I will be stepping down as Managing Partner of SureFire Search in early 2018.

I would like to thank all of you that have made 2017 such a huge success for me and the SureFire Search Team.

Please either watch the video below or read on... text here...

A record year for the consulting division and all on the back of our cornerstone philosophies of Always Do The Right Thing and Doing Good Things With Good People.

We have a fantastic team and are truly blessed to be able to work with the Amazing clients we have.

For me the highlight of the year has been starting the "Work For Whisky" pro bono Program. This is where I have been working with small businesses that couldn't normally afford our services in an advisory capacity for a month.  I have loved getting them to take action on some fundamental strategies and tactics to improve the digital performance of their businesses and seeing first hand what can be achieved with a little guidance, support (and the odd kick up the arse).

That work stoked a very passionate fire in my belly that I have not been able to shake off. There is such an opportunity to help businesses  but this is tempered by the fact that the digital marketing industry is full of unscrupulous cowboys and sharks that value your money over actual results. This has tarnished the entire industry, eroded faith and trust and has been a bug bear of mine for some time.

So (big breath).......A few weeks ago I approached my business partners with an idea and much to my delight, Mark and Jeremy  were 100% on board with it.

So, in March 2018 I will be launching a new business called Konnector.

Konnector will be a Digital Marketing Consultancy for businesses that will provide a free service helping connect you with Ethical Digital Marketing Service providers.
With a strong focus on Education, Konnector will also run affordable workshops to help business owners and marketers upskill in a hands on practical environment.

Finally Konnector will also provide independant digital straegy consulting and act as advocates for your businesses to assist you to resolve issues with your digital marketing providers.

We will also provide you with an amazing independent reporting platform that will allow you to consolidate your online activity in a single dashboard no matter who you use for various marketing services.

Transparency (including how and what we get paid by who), communication and clarity will be at the forefront of all our engagement just as client success will be.

I am a wee way off being ready to execute (with some "back end stuff" to be finalised) so the official launch date for Konnector has been set for March the 12th.

We have already secured partnership agreements with some world class digital strategists that will be able to offer game changing support for businesses at affordable pricing as well as some incredible practitioners in the digital space that are client centric in their approach and trustworthy.

There is plenty more to say, do and offer so if you want to find out more head over to the "rough and ready" website to register your interest and as we progress I will keep you up to date.

Finally, while I will still be actively involved in the overarching strategy for SureFire as a director and shareholder I will of course be stepping down as managing partner to focus on building the Konnector business and wider industry issues we need to deal with around ethical practices which is where my passion lies.

Thanks again for all your continued support and  I look forward to "Konnecting" with you in 2018.

About the Author Glenn Marvin

Glenn is a Partner and Senior Consultant who has had a very successful career building growth companies in the private equity arena. He has a wealth of experience in both the digital space and strategy development. Prior to becoming a partner in SureFire Glenn built one of the largest digital teams in New Zealand for a NASDAQ listed global online marketing company & Google's largest premium partner.

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