NZ Online Advertising Breaks 10% Barrier?

January 26, 2010 by


In previous posts about NZ online advertising I’ve lamented the fact we’re so far behind the 8 ball compared to Australia & UK where roughly 25% of total advertising spend is spent online.

And most of that on search marketing!

Despite this, the good news is that in New Zealand the share of advertising spend invested in online advertising has  gradually been increasing.

Last year the IAB predicted that online advertising would finally climb into double digits and account for a 10% share on NZ total advertising spend  by the end of 2009.

The New Zealand IAB will shortly be releasing final figures for 2009 and the big question is, are they right?

Will online account for 10% of total NZ adspend?

Interest is high & the IAB are running a poll on their website asking people how confident they are that online advertising will take a 10% share on ad spend in NZ.

As you can see at this point (26 Jan) it looks like the overwhelming view is that it will.

Being an anonymous poll I’m of course not going to reveal how I voted. 😉

What do you think – yes or no? Comment below and vote in the poll which is here: IAB poll


  • Martin says:

    I’m guessing you voted ‘yes’…:-)

    As I did!

  • Kate says:

    I agree – it will be oevr 10%, but only just.

    Have you seen the poll update…percentage voting for ‘10% or more’ has dropped down to 84%. Maybe newspapers, radio & TV stations are getting their staff to vote No. (Just kidding!)