Aussies Out-Scoring Kiwis on Paid Search

In a recent posting I celebrated the fact NZ online advertising spend continues to grow & that paid search is now the major component.

However compared to Australia, NZ is still well behind the curve in terms of adopting online marketing.

According to latest IAB figures NZ online spend accounts for only 8% of total advertising spend, whereas in Australia it is around 25%.

The difference in the NZ & AU markets is very obvious when paid search spend is examined.

Australia outscores New Zealand in paid search spend

  • In NZ paid search for the year ending June 09 was only NZD$67 million (36% of total online spend).
  • In stark contrast paid search spend for the same period in Australia was AUD$884 million (49% of total online spend).
  • Reduced to a per capita basis, Australian paid search spend is AUD $42 per person. By comparison NZ’s is only AUD $13.  So proportionately the Aussies are spending 3 x more than we are in NZ.

Damn, I hate it when the Aussies beat NZ!

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