Phishing Warning! One that Slipped Through the Net


There is plenty of coverage at the moment about cyber attacks and the need to be more vigilant when looking at the emails you receive.

Thankfully because of this I didn’t open an email that managed to slip through our spam filters this morning.

This email from “Melonie Lacrosse” with an email address of jacobmarley@gmail.com has been reported as a Phishing email and rightly thrown in the Spam bin!

A friendly reminder to read and double-check emails like these before clicking on any links. If in doubt get a second opinion and DON’T follow any links or divulge any personal details.


If you are a Gmail user, it is a simple process to report the email as a suspected phishing email. Google’s instructions can be found here: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/8253?hl=en




About the Author Glenn Marvin

Glenn is a Partner and Senior Consultant who has had a very successful career building growth companies in the private equity arena. He has a wealth of experience in both the digital space and strategy development. Prior to becoming a partner in SureFire Glenn built one of the largest digital teams in New Zealand for a NASDAQ listed global online marketing company & Google's largest premium partner.

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