The SureFire Search Work For Whisky Challenge


This year I have made a conscious decision to dedicate more time to giving back, adding value and educating others and I am loving it.

Being in business doesn’t always have to be about extracting as much money out of every opportunity as you can (that’s for old school agency suits).

That’s why I have developed the “Work for Whisky Challenge” to help businesses that wouldn’t normally engage an agency or expert with their digital strategy but could benefit from a gentle shove in the right direction.

For businesses that I take on as part of the challenge, I will work with them for Zero Fees for a month (Yes that’s right ZERO FEES).

1. I will act in an advisory role, work with you to identify areas you can make gains on your website and digital strategy and help you develop an action plan.
2. We will have a 45 minute call each week for 4 weeks. The first to agree on a strategy and action plan. The next three calls are a chance to check in and be held accountable for execution of the tasks.
3. Yor commitment is to execute (My time and advice is free my staff’s time is not)

4. In return, all I ask is, if you have got any value out of the time we spend together, you buy me a bottle of whisky in thanks.

Here is the deal. The more thankful you are the better the bottle of whisky – No hooks, no hardcore upsell/cross-sell and no obligation just a show of appreciation and a driver for me to continue to deliver value!

If you want to have a chat and get the best ROI on any “Marketing Investment” you will make this year you can schedule some time in my calendar here and book your first 45 min call with me



Update: 5th July 2017 – Three weeks into the first round of businesses accepted on the challenge and I am so proud of work each business is putting in and the outcomes they are getting.

Feedback to date like the below is such great validation of the decision to set this challenge up and totally hardens my resolve to continue to give my time to those willing to put in the hard yards and execute on the plans we put in place:

“WOW Glenn what an amazing session yesterday. Massive thanks for your very valuable time and advice/suggestions on what to do in my business. I had felt overwhelmed about where to start in the review of my business but I now feel positive and uplifted about the changes I can implement to make a difference and the value you have added to my business in a short space of time, I am very grateful for! Your explanations on the fundamental issues impacting my website were easy to understand and grasp the concepts of. The follow-up email an amazing summary of what was discussed as well as action points for me to implement. Thanks heaps and I look forward to talking again”.

Colleen Sheppard – Get Furnished

“Just letting you know in the last 2 days have had 5 enquiries for our behaviour consults in Australia. Now this could be coincidence but we have had no enquiries for this service since we started. This is exciting because this is our most profitable service but also one that challenges the staff and makes them excited so thanks heaps!”

Simon Goodall – Dog Guru

“I had a phone session with Glenn today and can honestly say he gave me the the most helpful advice I’ve had for my business in the 18 months it’s been running. If you need some help to get started, or to take your business to the next level then I strongly suggest you contact Glen for a free advice session. Thanks so much Glenn I’m really excited for my business and putting your suggestions into actions”.

Sue Ross – Sweet as Gifts

“Huge and sincere thanks for the consultation and for the positive advice and suggestions. You managed to turn what was quite overwhelming to me into a clear, succinct and achievable plan which I’m busy implementing – and showing results already. I am also really grateful for the time, research and thought you obviously put in on either side of the conversation – the value was far in excess of the time we spent chatting.
There is really nowhere for a small start-up like Awesome Walks to go for advice and recommendations without needing a large budget – I can’t commend you enough for your commitment to small NZ businesses and the pro bono work you are doing.
I truly believe that Awesome Walks will be a real winner – and will always acknowledge the conversation with you as a turning point to get me onto that path!”

Phillipa Mandis – Awesome Walks

“Glenn certainly knows his stuff and has got a great way of explaining it that makes you understand what is required (and why!) and inspired to take action.”

Nicola Carter – Belief School


If you want to have a chat and get the best ROI on any “Marketing Investment” you will make this year you can schedule some time in my calendar here.

Looking forward to helping many more businesses achieve great things and doing some good in this crazy messed up world!

About the Author Glenn Marvin

Glenn is a Partner and Senior Consultant who has had a very successful career building growth companies in the private equity arena. He has a wealth of experience in both the digital space and strategy development. Prior to becoming a partner in SureFire Glenn built one of the largest digital teams in New Zealand for a NASDAQ listed global online marketing company & Google's largest premium partner.

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