Target YouTubers based on their Google searches

Direct Response Nirvana: Target YouTubers based on their Google searches

Google’s calling them “Custom Intent Audiences”: YouTube audiences that marketers can now target based on their recent Google searches.

But wait, there’s more: later this month, you’ll be able to pair Custom Intent Audiences with Trueview for action, a new YouTube direct response ad format that allows marketers to include a call to action and run their campaigns using an automated CPA bidding strategy.


AdWords gets Annotations and a Performance Score

Ever looked in your AdWords account at graphs showing historical performance and wondered: wait, what happened here?

You’ll soon have the answer at your fingertips. Google is adding a notes-feature to AdWords that allows adding annotations, similar to those you have long been able to make in Google Analytics.

Other changes coming soon to the new version of AdWords include an account performance score. Not to be confused with AdWords’ Quality Score, it’s a visual representation showing marketers where their optimisation efforts will reap the most reward.


Google search results page displays answer without any search results

Is this the thin end of the wedge and an augur of things to come?

Google is now showing answers without any additional search results for certain types of queries (calculator, unit converter & local time queries). For example, if you search for 'time in los angeles', Google will show the answer, then show a button below the answer to load the search results.

Google said for the queries where this shows up, searchers “rarely use full search results,” and if the searcher wants those results, they can access it with the ‘Show all results’ button.”

If this is all Google does this for, that's fine. But if they start rolling it out for other types of queries then it will have a big negative impact on some sites' traffic.


Google confirms core search ranking algorithm update

Last week we noticed fluctuations in the rankings for a lot of websites and, like others in the SEO world, suspected Google had rolled out a new algorithmic update.

Google has since confirmed via Twitter they ran a “broad core algorithm update” last week that has impacted the appearance and rankings of some websites in the search results.

Google stated it does these types of updates “several times per year” and there is nothing a site can do specifically to “fix” their ranking after the core update runs. “Some sites may note drops or gains,” Google explained and said if a page drops, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with that page, it is just how Google changed their ranking models that now benefits “pages that were previously under-rewarded.”

Was your site impacted and for better or worse?

Read the Twitter post here

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