Voting On Twitter – A New Polling System Trialed

Twitter has begun rolling out a new polling feature to some verified accounts and the uptake and engagement so far seems good.

If you are one of the lucky few you can create a poll by clicking on a pie chart in the bottom right hand corner when you are drafting your tweet.

While at this stage only a few accounts have the feature enabled anyone can engage with the polls.

Twitter Polling Feature


To be fair the accounts we have seen using them since the feature was enabled a few days ago do have massive followings.  As you can see below Liverpool FC had over 10,000 votes in approximately 16hrs


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 8.56.47 pm

Why should you care?

For brands, sports teams and politics it does seem like a no brainer and a great way to get followers to engage.

Polls could be run during live political debates directly in twitter.

Brands can get direct feedback on products and have consumers engage in their marketing campaigns such as vote on which product or products are discounted in next weeks sale etc.

Broadcasters could run live player of the match polls or pick the winner etc

While this is still in a trial phase there are sure to be bugs. For example it appears at this stage users are limited to a two answer poll. However if it takes off the bugs will surely get ironed out and engagement could lift.

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