How to Unsubscribe from 168 Email Marketing Lists in 3 Minutes

Coming from a marketer this advice may seem counter intuitive however my job is all about relevancy (not quantity), so trust me on this one.

I am subscribed to a large amount of newsletter and marketing lists. I also tend to ignore rather than unsubscribe from them after my requirement for the information, product or website is over. Needless to say my inbox was getting cluttered with useless emails I didn’t need. I even set up a separate email account just to use for subscriptions to try and avoid this but they still kept coming.

Recently I found a tool called Unroll.me that not only lets you unsubscribe in bulk from those pesky email lists you no longer need or want to be on but also aggregates those that you do want into one email. For me this has created inbox nirvana as I was on the receiving end of over 50 emails a day from the various lists I was on.

I have a Google email account and the site was very simple to use.

Phase 1: Unsubscribe

Once you create an account it scans your email showing you how many subscriptions are linked to it. You then simply click the unsubscribe button for any of the lists you no longer want to be on.

UnRoll.Me Login

Phase 2: “Roll Up” email aggregation

After you have unsubscribed to all those unnecessary subscriptions use Unroll.me to aggregate the remaining subscriptions you don’t want on a daily basis into one email you will receive in a daily, weekly or monthly digest by hitting the “add to rollup” button and you will see the summary of the total number of emails at the top of the page.


UnRoll.Me Email Roll Up


Why should you care?

If you are like me then this will make a massive difference to your inbox and also productivity.

No more random temptation and distraction from the stream of emails flooding your inbox taking you away from what you actually get paid to do.

My advice is to invest 3 minutes into getting your inbox sorted and, just to be clear, this is not a paid endorsement.

For business accounts make sure you gain permission from your IT department first.


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About the Author Glenn Marvin

Glenn is a Partner and Senior Consultant who has had a very successful career building growth companies in the private equity arena. He has a wealth of experience in both the digital space and strategy development. Prior to becoming a partner in SureFire Glenn built one of the largest digital teams in New Zealand for a NASDAQ listed global online marketing company & Google's largest premium partner.

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