Who’s about to convert? There’s a report for that

What if you knew which website visitors were most likely to buy from you, and which weren’t? Sure, you can look at engagement and other data...better still, though, you can use the Conversion Probability report now rolling out to Google Analytics accounts.

The new report uses AI to identify and group site visitors according to the likelihood of their making a purchase. Being the astute marketer that you are, you can then segment them according to their probability rating, and remarket only to those itching for a reason to convert.

To qualify, you must have GA e-commerce tracking enabled. You'll also need to reach a threshold of 1,000 transactions per month to have sufficient data for the report.

Look for the Conversion Probability report to show up in Google Analytic udience > Behaviour section.

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Facebook knows what you did last night…


Facebook has announced a new omnichannel tracking tool that promises to make sense of the often circuitous many-screen, multi-device path that social media users take before finally converting.

Jokey headlines aside, and because the company has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, they’re making it clear that only aggregate (not personal) data is used.



Managing Google My Business gets easier for partners and agencies

It’s an open secret that Google My Business has proved a nightmare for some businesses, unable to access their accounts, correct faulty details, and easily manage multiple locations.

Help, we’re told, is on the way…

Google begins sending mobile-first indexing notifications

Multiple sources report that this week Google has finally started sending out notifications to webmasters advising their sites have been migrated to mobile-first indexing. Notification messages are appearing in Google Search Console accounts.


Sites getting this notice are being advised Google will now use the mobile version of their site and that that snippets in Google Search results will be generated from the mobile version of their content. Apparently, sites getting these notices are ones where Google has determined content in the mobile and desktop versions of sites are comparable.

We've not yet seen this message appear in any of our clients' Google Search Console accounts and we assume the rollout is starting in the USA.


Dear Google, Your GDPR proposals fall short on many levels...

Four trade associations, representing 4,000 newspapers and magazines, berate Google for offloading its burden of compliance to new EU data privacy laws due to take effect on May 25.

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Twitter asks 336m users to update passwords

Twitter has reported finding a bug that meant all of its users’ passwords were visible in an internal log.

While there has been “no indication of breach or misuse”, the company suggests users change their passwords.

Twitter bots, we assume, need not comply.

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