Google’s YouTube Brand Lift Insights Updated

A year after first release, Google’s Brand Lift has been updated to give YouTube advertisers more data on the impact their ads have had on consumers.


Google YouTube Brand Lift

Brand Lift metrics have been expanded to include lift in brand consideration and favourability as well as purchase intent. Importantly, with more than half YouTube views occurring on mobile devices, Brand Lift measurement is now available for ads served on YouTube’s mobile app.

Brand Lift measures brand awareness and ad recall by surveying people within your target audience who have seen your ads and a randomised control group (also matching your target audience) that has not. Brand interest is measured based on the aggregate increase in search volume on brand-related keywords by people who saw your ads, compared with those who didn’t.

Why should you care?

If you’re investing heavily in YouTube video campaigns, you’re probably not content just knowing how many impressions, clicks and views your ads had. Brand Lift offers quick feedback on the impact your TrueView ad campaigns are having on consumer behaviour, with results usually available within a week.

Brand Lift helps answer questions such as which creative was most effective in driving brand awareness and with which demographic. This information will be of even more interest if you’re putting your TV commercials on YouTube, as will video view data should there be dramatic drops in viewership at any specific points.

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