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Our Approach

When you choose to work with us, you’re partnering with a company that has a long-standing and trusted reputation for search marketing. It’s a reputation we’ve earned by ensuring our work is always to best practice, delivering long-lasting results.

We're a dedicated team of professional AdWords-certified analysts with strong technical skills in SEO, paid search and Analytics. In short, we live and breathe Search – it's in our DNA.

We're also marketers with a strong commercial focus, keen to make sure our clients succeed.

We won't speak to you in a language that only other search marketers would understand.

In an industry that's routinely punctuated with acronyms, we'll help you make sense of Search.

We'll let you know what we think most important for the ongoing success of your website, but we'll also explain why it's important.

We've developed and routinely update our systems and processes, ensuring consistency in our services no matter which SureFire team

member you're dealing with.

But it all starts with you. For us to help you succeed, we need you to help us understand your business, your customers, your competitors, your industry and what you want to achieve.

Your Business
Yours is not the same as every other business out there.

We'll start off by talking to you to get a clear understanding of your customers, your business, your marketing goals, and the competitive landscape you're working in.

Once we understand your needs, we'll develop a tailored search marketing strategy to help you meet your specific online objectives.

Your Marketing Goals
For any search marketing project it's important we know your marketing goals – we can then help set measurable and actionable KPIs.

Once KPIs have been agreed, we'll use analytics and other data to benchmark current performance. The success of SEO and Paid Search can then be measured against these benchmarks.

Your Competition
Your business doesn't operate in a vacuum but in a market full of competitors. In understanding who your competitors are, we can develop appropriate strategies to help improve your search presence and beat your competitors.

Website content is key to organic search success. SEO helps in identifying the content your website needs and in “tuning” and popularizing that content to improve it’s relevancy to the search queries your customers are likely to use.

When done well, SEO results in improved search engine rankings and generates ongoing traffic over the longer term. While the impact of good SEO is longer lasting than a Paid Search campaign, in most instances the benefits are not immediate.

Paid Search
If you need immediate results, Pay Per Click (PPC) Search is your best bet. Your ad appears next to organic search results; you pay only for clicks on your ad. You choose a daily budget, what you'll pay per click, your ad message and the search terms which will trigger your ad.

Paid Search works well for short-term promotions, and for testing what works before you invest in SEO.

Web Analytics
Improving your presence in search engines – whether through SEO or Paid Search – will get more visitors to your site.

But only by using web analytics to track what happens when people get to your site will you know how targeted your search marketing is.

You'll also know how effective your website is in turning qualified visitors into customers.

There are many moving parts in a typical search campaign, making it a challenge to focus on what's important. And what's important is not keyword rankings, per se, nor the volume of search traffic nor the cost per click.

While each can play a part in campaign success, more important still is to increase targeted traffic to your website.

Whether it's Paid Search or SEO, we're always trying to improve on your results, getting you more customers, not just more visitors.

Monitor & Maintain
Search never sleeps.

Your search competition will keep changing. Search terms and ads that worked well one month, may not the next. Rankings will fluctuate, as will cost per click and click through rate: it'a given.

Not every change requires a response, but a dynamic market requires constant monitoring.

We don'just rely on automated rules when action is required, but instead actively review and modify your SEO and Paid Search campaigns to improve your results.

Reporting & Analysis
Often reports from search agencies can be embarrassingly short on details, leaving you wondering exactly what it is your agency is doing and what you're paying them for.

And then there's the reports you'll get from us: you'll know just how well your search campaigns are performing, what gains you are making against competitor websites, and exactly what work is being done.

These reports are easy to read and understand, with insights, trends and recommendations that can help further and sustain search success.

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