Happy Birthday Google

If you find buying birthday presents for your kids a challenge, what do you buy a 10 year old worth over $150 billion! Hmmm, think I’ll just stick with singing happy birthday… Happy Birthday Google

Google you’ve come a long, long way in 10 years.

Given the multi-faceted behemoth Google is today it’s amazing that just 10 years ago it was a fledgling company of 3 people running a search engine with a handful of computers in a Stamford University dorm room.

I first heard about Google in late ’98 and my initial reaction was probably like many & along the lines of…”Goo-what? How do you spell it? Sheesh, another stupid dot-com name.”

At the time Alta Vista was the top dog search engine, but frankly more dog than top as they tried to morph into a ‘portal’ which was all the buzz in the late ’90’s. Anyway I was so fed up with the crappy results Alta Vista was spewing out I reluctantly tried this new search engine with the stupid name. And, like almost everyone else, gob-smacked by the quality of the search results.

I don’t think I ever used Alta Vista again after that.

Of course Google’s much more than a search engine these days (what aren’t they into?) & that concerns some people. Love ’em or hate ’em, the next 10 years should be even more interesting.

Mark Sceats

About the Author Mark Sceats

Mark is a Partner and Senior Consultant at SureFire which he founded back in 2002. Prior to establishing SureFire he worked for KPMG Consulting. Today Mark heads up SEO, embracing the challenges that can come with complex website implementations. Outside of work, his interests beyond his family are running, snowsports, diving and fishing (badly).

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