Happy Birthday Google

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If you find buying birthday presents for your kids a challenge, what do you buy a 10 year old worth over $150 billion! Hmmm, think I’ll just stick with singing happy birthday… Happy Birthday Google

Google you’ve come a long, long way in 10 years.

Given the multi-faceted behemoth Google is today it’s amazing that just 10 years ago it was a fledgling company of 3 people running a search engine with a handful of computers in a Stamford University dorm room.

I first heard about Google in late ’98 and my initial reaction was probably like many & along the lines of…”Goo-what? How do you spell it? Sheesh, another stupid dot-com name.”

At the time Alta Vista was the top dog search engine, but frankly more dog than top as they tried to morph into a ‘portal’ which was all the buzz in the late ’90’s. Anyway I was so fed up with the crappy results Alta Vista was spewing out I reluctantly tried this new search engine with the stupid name. And, like almost everyone else, gob-smacked by the quality of the search results.

I don’t think I ever used Alta Vista again after that.

Of course Google’s much more than a search engine these days (what aren’t they into?) & that concerns some people. Love ’em or hate ’em, the next 10 years should be even more interesting.

Mark Sceats

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