Ad Customizers get location savvy

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Providing AdWords advertisers the option to dynamically insert custom text into ads, Google’s Ad Customizers can now be set up to change ad copy based on searchers’ locations.

First introduced a year ago, Ad Customizers allows advertisers with huge and variable product inventories to scale their ad campaigns. Utilising a product feed, important details such as product price, size and specifications can be incorporated on-the-fly within otherwise generic ad copy. Not only do advertisers save time in setting up their ad campaigns, but ads are more relevant and likely to get click-throughs.

Why should you care?

Ad Customizers aren’t just for retailers of course. They should be a consideration for any advertiser wanting a quick and efficient way to scale campaigns while using highly targeted ad copy.

We’re expecting to see location-based customisation put to some creative use. But obvious options include promoting opening hours and any specific discounts, promotions or events for local stores and including user locations in ad text to increase relevancy. Companies with timely and reliable stock inventory reporting by store might also highlight availability in their ads, while pausing product promotion in areas where stock is in short supply.

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