AdWords Customer Match lists now easier to maintain

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Google has made it easier to add and remove email addresses from existing AdWords Customer Match audience lists.


Now advertisers can simply upload a file to the list, completely replacing the list or appending new email addresses to the existing list. Previously, to replace the existing Customer Match list, a new Customer Match list had to be created and applied to target campaigns.

This new functionality follows Google’s recent update to the maximum duration of a Customer Match list (the lists no longer expire).

Why should you care?

Audiences created from Customer Match lists should be in every advertiser’s AdWords arsenal, or at least those with good CRM data for their customers. It allows targeting current customers with different messaging, and with different bids, as well as finding audiences “similar to” a specific group of your customers.

While not a big change, anything which makes it easier to create and maintain targeted AdWords audiences is welcome.

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