AdWords Price Extensions now on all Devices

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When Google first released price extensions last year, they were displayed on mobile devices only. They were subsequently updated to a swipe-able horizontal format, ideal for mobile users keen to quickly find out pricing.

Now Google has now rolled out Price Extensions to ads for all devices, including desktop. In announcing the change, Google provided the following example for an ad shown on desktops.

Note that Price extensions, like Sitelink extensions, require a destination (final) URL and allow inclusion of a separate URL for mobile devices.

Why should you care?

While not suitable for all businesses, we’ve seen limited local use of Price extensions on mobile devices. But now that they will also be shown on other devices, we expect that to change. That’s in large part because effective ad extensions, when shown, help increase prominence, relevance and clickthrough rates.

Think, however, before liberally applying Price extensions to all your campaigns, as some advertisers have seen them produce lower clickthrough rates than before. While their use may be making sure you’re only attracting visitors likely to purchase, you may also wish to restrict their use to display only for ads matched to price-related search queries, for instance.

While price qualifiers (“from $99.99” or “up to $125”) are optional, prices shown in a Price extension must be also be easily found on the associated landing page.

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