AMP – on reflection, maybe not such a great idea…

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When Google launched their AMP initiative (Accelerated Mobile Pages) we, like so many, lapped up the KoolAide Google served and thought it a great idea.

Hey, anything that substantially speeds up websites has to be a good idea in this increasingly mobile-centric world.

The earliest adopters of AMP have been news publishers who are all desperately trying to survive. This is ironic, given the turmoil they face is because their traditional business model was essentially destroyed by Google and Facebook stealing away their audiences and advertising income.

Since the launch of AMP, our initial enthusiasm for it has cooled as the broader implications of AMP have become apparent. The biggest issue is that by using AMP a publisher effectively concedes control of their content to Google.

The Register recently published an excellent article about the problems of AMP called “Kill Google AMP before it KILLS the web” Well worth reading if you’re considering AMP for your website.



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