Dynamic Search Ads: AdWords Automation Upgraded

March 31, 2017 by

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We’ve been lukewarm in our support for Google AdWords’ Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) before, so news that the oft-maligned automated ad product is getting some long overdue love from Google’s product developers is welcome.

Specifically, Google has enabled Page Feed Integration, belatedly upgraded ads to Expanded Text Ad format and improved its algorithms for determining ad relevancy.

In adding page feeds, advertisers can now link a feed with specific ad copy and landing page targets, and control bids and promotion schedules using custom labels.

Why should you care?

DSA offers a time-effective (and, if bids are minimal, cost-effective) way to unearth new keyword opportunities that might otherwise remain undiscovered. And that includes negative keywords, not just new keywords of course!

While these improvements are welcome, we continue to recommend DSA as a means to supplement (but not replace) your current AdWords campaigns, should you have budget available.

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