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Having opened the door to autoplay video ads, Facebook may now lift its ban on animated GIF ads.

The company is allowing some brands to post animated GIFs as ads and page posts. Brands involved in the test include fast food chain Wendy’s and Coca-Cola’s Brazilian brand Kuat (which makes guarana berry soft drinks).

GIFs can only be used in Page Posts and boosted Newsfeed Ads.

Rollout is gradual, and dependent on user feedback.

Wendys Animated GIF ad

Wendy’s Brandon Rhoten says the company is using GIFs as a supplement to longer-form video, but is being careful not to annoy people (“which this sort of thing has the potential to do”).

Why should you care?

While often popular, animated GIFs aren’t for everyone. If they are right for your audience, they’re easier and less expensive to produce than video ads, and should increase engagement rates (and your Facebook Relevance Score).

However, you may have a wait before they become available. A Facebook spokesperson says the company will “evaluate whether it drives a great experience for people before rolling it out to more Pages.”

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