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Want to know what people around the world thought when NASA discovered water on Mars? Facebook has just made that and similar searches possible.

Searchers can now access all publicly viewable posts — not just those posted by their Facebook friends and family or on Pages they like.


According to a Facebook blogpost, search has also been improved with the addition of search suggestions. Search results will now be better organised, too, prioritised to highlight posts from trusted news sources, followed by people and Pages in your network, before providing posts from people you don’t know.

Why should you care?

Consider the numbers and you will quickly see why this is big news: Facebook has two trillion posts and counting, and gets over 1.5 billion searches per day. That’s still less than Twitter which has long been the go-to social platform for people wanting immediate updates on current events, and gets 2.1 billion searches per day. But with these improvements, we’re expecting searches to increase. And, with the increase in searches and search results, new ad opportunities are sure to follow.

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