Google extends remarketing to other ad networks

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Your Google AdWords remarketing campaigns are now being seen on more sites than ever before.

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Google has announced that AdWords remarketing campaigns are now automatically eligible to show on cross-exchange inventory (“more websites and apps around the world”).

In a newly-minted AdWords Help page, the company says “the broader reach of multiple ad exchanges can improve Display Network remarketing performance”. The additional inventory provides “greater access to your most valuable audiences” and “increased potential conversion volume and return on investment”.

Why should you care?

By their nature, remarketing campaigns target previous visitors to your websites, not the websites on which ads are displayed. But adding cross-exchange inventory alongside the Google Display Network (over two millon sites that reach over 90% of Internet users) provides greater opportunities to reach niche audiences.

Campaigns that have been set up creatively and thoughtfully to target previous visitors by their website behaviour will have more likelihood of reaching their audience.

This will most benefit advertisers wanting to reach niche audiences, where audience lists include only highly-qualified visitors based on their actions and engagement.

Of course, any advertiser using remarketing to target all or most visitors to their site may simply be harassing more unlikely converters more of the time.

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