Google extends Remarketing to Search Partners

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RLSA — the awkwardly named Remarketing Lists for Search Ads — is now available for Search Partners, not just on Google Search.

RLSA, for those who need the introduction, allows advertisers to target previous visitors to their websites (much the same as your standard Remarketing), but with search ads rather than display on the Google Display Network.


Google has never been very forthcoming about exactly which sites are in the Search Partners network (except YouTube and other Google properties). But local sites we know to be in the Search Partners network include Trade Me and SEEK.

Why should you care?

While sites like Trade Me produce results more akin to that you’d expect of display than search, conversion results can match (or, in rare cases exceed) those of Google Search.

If you’re already pushing your campaigns to the Search Partners network, we recommend adding RLSA (and increasing your bids where appropriate).

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