Google releases free Optimize to boost conversions

September 30, 2016 by

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Want to improve your bottom line without paying for more website traffic? Of course you do — and the way to do that is to increase your website conversion rates.

Google has just released a free version of Optimize 360, its landing page testing, personalisation and optimisation solution that’s integrated with Google Analytics. For businesses who have not paid much attention to improving conversion rates before, sorry — the time for excuses has past.


If you’re interested, simply sign up for the beta.

Why should you care?

The free version of Optimize has some limitations but, if you need more enterprise-level features, you may choose to upgrade to Optimize 360. Limitations include concurrent number of tests (just three) and multi-variate combinations (16), but Google Analytics audience targeting is notably missing from the free version.

Get in touch with us if you need help with a testing strategy, or need someone familiar with Optimize (and other conversion rate optimisation tools) to set up, run and report on the tests for you.


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