Google to charge GST on AdWords

October 14, 2016 by

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AdWords charges are about to include a 10 percent local goods and services tax (GST) for businesses registered in Australia, and for Australian-based agencies paying on their customers’ behalf.


From November 1, Australian advertisers will be billed by Google Australia rather than Google Singapore (as has been the case to date), and will need to pay GST.

The change, announced in emails sent to advertisers this week, follows a push by the Australian government to have international ad platforms like Google and Facebook pay GST.

Australian companies with G Suite business accounts (Google cloud products such as Gmail, Google Docs, Drive and Calendar) will also be charged GST on payment for those services.

Why should you care?

We’ve confirmed with Google New Zealand that nothing changes for New Zealand-based advertisers and agencies: we will continue to be billed by Google Singapore.

Australian advertisers will still see the same CPCs and budgets for their campaigns. GST will only be applied after the fact as an additional 10 percent charge on their credit card charges or invoices.

We’ve previously calculated that Google New Zealand is likely earning around a million dollars a day from AdWords advertisers here, but that is only our estimate. With this change, just what Google is earning in the Australian market will be clearer, as will the amount it should pay in corporate tax.


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1 Comment

  • Craig Thorn says:

    Google should also be made to email invoices out rather than having to download them. It takes so long to download two invoices from adwords each month.