Happy 15th Birthday, AdWords!

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AdWords has been around how long? Just over 15 years, according to Google. To celebrate, the company has released a commemorative infographic to remind us all just what things were like in search back then, and the journey we’ve taken together since.

When it emerged from a one-month beta trial in October 2000, AdWords had about 350 advertisers (there are now over a million globally). What’s more, Google.com then received around 20 million searches a day, but the company now provides results for more than three billion searches a day (over half of them coming from mobile devices).

Speaking of mobile devices, here’s a thought to ponder — back then, Nokia and Palm were amongst the five most searched brands.



Why should you care?

Who doesn’t like birthdays? Quite apart from the cards and presents, it’s an opportune time to reflect on years past, and those that lie ahead.

For Google, monetising mobile search as successfully as it has desktop search represents a challenge. So, too, does reducing its dependency on AdWords to provide the majority of the company’s revenue.

We look forward to AdWords’ 20th birthday, and reading about all that’s gone on over the next five years.


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