Jaguar virtual simulator prank

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This has nothing to do with search marketing, but you may find it amusing.

One of my business partners at SureFire, Glenn Marvin, is a bit of a Jaguar fan. A couple of weeks back he mentioned he’d won the opportunity to do a virtual test drive of the latest and greatest Jag.

Frankly I really didn’t take that much notice, but the following week he said he’d done it and couldn’t stop raving about the experience. He’d been sat in the passenger seat of the new Jaguar F Type at the Big Boys Toys Expo and had a helmet with VR goggles put on on him.


Apparently the Virtual Reality experience was unbelievably realistic. Not only were the visuals in the VR headset amazing – but so were the sounds of the screaming engine and squealing tyres. Topping it off were the G forces. It felt just like the real thing.

Well it was!

He got totally conned by a very clever promotion Y&R put together to promote the new Jaguar F Type. Check out the video here. Very cool.


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