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They’re an impatient lot, across the ditch. Google research reveals that around four in five Australians like to be able to skip video ads they find uninteresting. That’s not to say that we kiwis are any less impatient, but it’s one of the nuggets to be found in what Google calls the Australian Marketers’ Guide to Creating Unskippable Video Advertising, released last last week.


Why should you care?

What’s good for Australian marketers is, we think, true for local marketers here who also want to make sure their video ads are not skipped.

So how do you make people want to watch your ads? Well, ahem, it’s simple really.

  • Don’t push your brand early in the video, unless you do so with panache.
  • Funny wins, where it fits your brand and message.
  • If you’re using music, results can be hit and miss.
  • Celebrities increase brand lift and view-through rate.
  • Be careful as to how you use creative elements such as animation and calls to action.

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