Now use same login for 5 AdWords accounts

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Google has finally seen sense, fixing one of the more frustrating aspects of accessing multiple AdWords accounts outside a manager (MCC) account.

You can now manage up to five AdWords accounts with a single login.

What’s more, the time-consuming pas de deux that Google required before finally providing access to the account has also been abbreviated.

No longer need the invited user, having already accepted the invitation to access the account, wait for additional email verification before they can finally log in.

Simply accept the invitation and you’re able to log in straight away.

google now allows logins to multiple AdWords accounts

Why should you care?

Having beefed up AdWords with some great new features, Google has miraculously found time to address some long-standing bug-bears for AdWords and Analytics users.

Hot on the heels of making it possible to move Analytics properties to different accounts (thank you!), comes this change to AdWords (and again!).

Do you have more than one AdWords account associated with your business? To access them, have you had to log in and out and use different browsers? If so, this will be welcome news.

If you’ve already addressed the issue by using an MCC to host multiple business accounts (as we have, in order to manage our clients’ accounts) you might be wondering what the fuss is about.

Up until now, however, in order to access any account outside your MCC you had to either add that account to your MCC (which is not always appropriate), or create yet another alternative Google account for login (one not already associated with an AdWords account).

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