40% of people search only on smartphones

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Google has released a detailed study which provides a fascinating insight into how consumers use different devices to access the Internet and search.

Spoiler alert – this study categorically reinforces the fact we now live in a ‘mobile-first world’ and as a marketer, you ignore it at your peril.

We highly recommend you download the PDF which you can find here.

Some of the key findings are:

For a Quarter of Users, It’s a Mobile-Only World

On an average day, more than 1/4 of all users ONLY use a smartphone. This is nearly twice as many as those who only use a computer. This means if you aren’t reaching your customers on mobile, you risk missing out on 1/4 of your potential audience.

Device usage in an average day

People Spend Almost 3 Hours a Day On Smartphones

Average time spent on devices used in an average day:

Search has gone mobile

Nearly 4 in 10 users search ONLY on their smartphones on an average day. That’s why today Google receives more searches from smartphones than on computers.

Nearly 4 in 10 users search only on their smartphones in an average day

More searches happen on mobile than on computers and tablets for 15 out of 24 hours a typical day

Search volume by device during an average day

Mobile search is growing across numerous categories

The chart below shows Y-o-Y growth in mobile searches for different categories as reported by Google.

Mobile Search is Growing Across Categories

Why should you care?

This study reinforces something we regularly bang on about: you simply can’t ignore mobile. If you still don’t have a mobile-friendly website then reading this study should convince you that you need one.

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