Wix Websites Not Appearing in Google Searches

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Wix website owners and webmasters be warned: your sites may not be appearing in Google search results.

Wix , the popular low cost website building tool, looks like it has come up against some issues with the Google algorithm and sites are dropping off search results.

Over the last couple of months there have been numerous requests for assistance in forums from webmasters with concerns over this. Yesterday John Mueller from Google announced they were looking into it and working on a resolution.

Wix Google Index Issues

The good news is Google has acknowledged the issue and is actually looking into it. Mueller indicated they would be re-crawling these sites faster to get them re-indexed.

Why should you care?

If it can happen to the Wix CMS it could happen to yours. Make sure you monitor your site traffic closely and if you notice a significant drop talk to a professional.

The fix for Wix seems to be on its way and all Wix users can do is “hurry up and wait”.


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