Looking for Page Speed Improvements? You Can Find Them in Just 3 Clicks!

We have continued to get feedback and questions about Google’s pending “mobile first” ranking algorithm and Page Speed has been a very common issue.

How Do You Know Which Pages are Slow?

Google has a great free tool to look at individual pages and analyse the page speed on both mobile and desktop. But how do you know which pages to test, especially if you have a larger site and testing each page can be a laborious slow job?

The answer is in your Google Analytics account and is only three clicks away.

Click One:



Find & click on the Behaviour section in the left-hand side menu of your Google Analytics account.

Click Two:


Click on the Site Speed sub-section to open another drop down list.

Click Three:

Click on the Speed Suggestions menu item.

This will bring you to a page that ranks the load speed each of the pages on your site and you can sort this by Page Views (if you want to work on the pages that get the most traffic first) or Average Load Time (if you want to see the pages needing the most attention). You can also sort by Page Speed Score or Number of Suggestions.


You can then click on the individual page speed suggestions to get taken to the Google Page Speed Insights tool for a breakdown of the suggested actions that can be taken to make improvements. These suggestions even include listing the individual images that can be resized/compressed and the savings you can make.


Why should you care?

Most people tend to use Google Analytics for reports to look back at historic performance. but tools like this are great for proactively identifying actions that can be made now to improve future performance.

There are often some really simple quick fixes identified with this tool which you can prioritise the work based on which will have the biggest impact.

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