New tool boosts Facebook ad results

Facebook launches Delivery Insights to assist struggling advertisers


For all the potential that Facebook offers marketers, launching ad campaigns that consistently reach all the intended audience and deliver results can be a real challenge.

Recognising the problems advertisers face, Facebook is now rolling out Delivery Insights, a new analytics tool in Ad Manager.

Delivery Insights is intended to assist advertisers who want an easier way to identify and improve their underperforming ads.

Facebook’s ad auction operates in much the same way as a Google AdWords auction, but there are some differences. Because Facebook users, unlike Google searchers, are not necessarily seeking to know more about an advertisers products or services, audience targeting is critical.

A recent Facebook for Business post announcing Delivery Insights describes how the platform selects which ads to show to which people. The ad auction “pairs individual ads with individual people looking for an appropriate match”. It is “designed to determine the best ad to show to a person at a given point in time.”

Further, every Facebook ad is assigned a value based on three factors: the advertiser’s bid, the probability that showing an ad to the user will achieve the advertiser’s desired outcome, and finally the quality of the ad and its relevance to the user.

Delivery Insights aims to help advertisers better understand how their campaign is going. When modifications are needed, advertisers will be able to identify more readily whether its the bid they’ve set, the audience they’re targeting or their ad’s quality that needs improving.

Why should you care?

Facebook’s goal is to improve ad relevancy for its users. And those users are increasingly turning to ad blocking software when ads that have no interest for them eat up precious mobile data allowances. But the company’s goal is also to improve platform performance for advertisers.

Facebook advertisers will welcome the optimisation suggestions Delivery Insights provides, particularly when an ad campaign is falling short of delivery expectations.

While the assistance Delivery Insights provides might appear modest at first (and, to be frank, overdue), we expect additional insights and new features to appear in coming months.

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About the Author Jeremy Templer

Jeremy is a Partner and Senior Consultant at SureFire. Jeremy has been working in search since 1996, when he joined the Australian search engine, LookSmart. After relocating to San Francisco, he was instrumental in the development of the company’s paid search ad platform. At analytics company Coremetrics (now owned by IBM) he established an in-house search agency managing campaigns for Coremetrics clients such as Macy’s, Bass Pro and Lands End. At Acxiom he managed members of the pioneering SEO firm Marketleap and worked with clients such as Capital One, American General Finance and Kaiser Health. Joining SureFire in 2009, he is the head of Paid Search Advertising and oversees the delivery of AdWords and other PPC campaigns. He also helps clients make sense of their website data.