21 Ways to Write More Compelling Marketing Copy

Copywriting — good copywriting — is hard.

Start by thinking about who you’re talking to. Identify who your customers are and what product or service you want them to use. And what is it, exactly, that you want them to do?

Here are 21 tips that will produce more compelling and successful marketing copy, whether it’s going on your website or in your next product catalogue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Test your marketing copy — if you’re writing for digital, make sure to A/B test it. Let your audience decide what works best (you might be surprised!).
  • Don’t make some common mistakes, like using passive voice, getting too wordy, or forgetting the audience you’re writing for.
  • Empathise with your audience’s situation or problem, and help them by providing a solution.
  • Don’t write bland copy. Just don’t.

“Let your copywriters have a longer leash…No-one wants to be bored by your brand. ”

Read more: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2020/01/22/marketing-copy

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