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Conversion Optimisation

Your marketing activities will help drive visitors to your website, but how effective is your website at turning visitors into leads or customers? And if you want to improve your website conversion rates, how do you know which website pages to change and what changes will have the biggest impact?

We can help you with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), the process of testing, analysing and revising your website’s design, code and content in order to increase the percentage of your visitors who convert to a lead or sale.

CRO is provided as an end-to-end service or on a consultation basis to assist the efforts of your in-house team.

We begin with a conversion audit of your site: an in-depth analysis of your site’s current conversion performance, what’s working and

what’s not across your various traffic sources. We consider the key factors impacting usability and conversion, including architecture and navigation, design, site speed, content relevancy, messaging and credibility.

Our audit also includes recommendations to help realise improvement, together with a testing programme designed to improve progress through the conversion funnel.

We’ll use A/B and multi-variate testing tools and online surveys, progressively improving visitors’ interaction with page elements, website copy, calls to action and each page in

the registration or checkout process. In addition to eliminating the guess work in how you design your website, improvements you can expect to see from conversion optimisation include:

•   Increased website conversion rates
•   Decreased visitor bounce rates
•   Increased time spent on your site
•   Increased visitor satisfaction

Contact us today for assistance with Conversion Optimisation.

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