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SEO is all about maximizing the visibility of your website in search engine results. If your site isn’t on the first page of results for a search then you’re essentially invisible to prospective customers.

Nearly all web designers and developers claim they can “do SEO” but, when it comes down to it, offer only “on-page” basic services. As search marketing specialists, we go above and beyond the basics. And the results show.

SureFire is an Auckland SEO company with a long track record of success. We’re SEO specialists and have been helping clients succeed online since 2002.

With SureFire looking after all your SEO needs you’ll get a full review of your site and search engine presence, detailed keyword research, quality link-building, and on-page optimisation of web content. But that’s just for starters.

As your business and your website evolve, we’ll make sure your standings in search results keep pace, so you’re not losing ground to competitors or missing out on new opportunities.

Where many other search agencies stop with on-page optimisation, we’ll also craft and execute a link-building program to promote your website content, increasing the reputation and stature of your website. 

When done correctly, link-building can dramatically improve your rankings and the volume of search visitors coming to your website.

But all too often link-building’s done poorly or not at all and, when done badly, can even negatively impact your website. Full-service SEO starts with working out what exactly needs to be done to get more qualified search users to your site.

A lot of businesses waste money on haphazard SEO using out of date methods that can do more harm than good. Successful SEO requires a careful and systematic approach using SEO best practices.

What are SEO best practices? Click the glowing button below to scroll down this page see what they look like.

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Step 1:
SEO Analysis
and Discovery

We’ll start by further developing our understanding of your market and competitive landscape, identifying relevant search terms and pinpointing any SEO issues with your existing site. More specifically, analysis involves:

Consultation with the aim of understanding your target audience and broader marketing objectives, enabling us to set measurable and actionable KPIs.

One SEO agency’s audit is not the same as another’s, and ours is not just a technical audit. It does, however, include detailed review of an extensive range of on- and off-page SEO items.

We’ll also assess social signals and compare your site with those of your main competitors. Any issues will be prioritised according to severity (in terms of likely SEO impact).


Using multiple data sources, identification of appropriate keyword search phrases (based on relevancy, popularity and competition) that will generate targeted traffic to your website.

Now it’s time to start making the fixes that were identified in our SEO compatibility audit. We’ll also make the content edits necessary to improve your site’s relevancy to the target keywords, and ensure tracking is in place to measure project success.

Enhancing the search engine “friendliness” of your site’s structure and technical architecture.

Hand-edits of code and content for primary web pages, with development of automated rules for optimisation of the remaining pages.

To measure SEO campaign performance it’s important that Google Analytics is configured appropriately to report on defined KPIs. We undertake an audit to identify any data issues impacting reporting accuracy for the agreed KPIs.

You’ve invested in designing and building your website, and added the content you know people are looking for. Now it’s time to make sure that other websites know about your site. When a site the search engines already know and trust links to your site, it’s likely to improve your site’s rankings.

There are many good ways to gain links, but what works for one site, won’t necessarily for another. We’ll provide a strategy to fit your website and budget and, with your agreement, execute the plan.

You don’t always get links without giving something in return. When producing content for other websites will be effective in getting links to your site, we can help from production through to publication.

Need help creating new content for link-building purposes? Whatever your need, we can assist.

If your site drops in search results and traffic plummets, it may be due to link-building gone wrong. If you’re managing your SEO in-house or using someone else and think that poor quality links may be damaging your website’s credibility, we will assist in getting them removed and restoring your site’s trust and authority.

Step 4:
& Review

How do you know that your SEO is working? We report on performance to your KPIs, comparing search with other online traffic and present performance with past.

We’ll look at your progress against competitor websites, providing insights and recommendations that can help further and sustain organic search success.

But even the most informative report in the world isn’t worth producing if it’s never read – ours are presented in an easy to read and understand format, clearly highlighting next steps and responsibilities.

Whether weekly, monthly or bi-monthly, face to face or via teleconference, regular meetings are a great way to make sure everyone knows what the other is doing. We’ll update you on SEO progress; you’ll make sure we are kept informed on relevant developments in your business.

Your business can change and develop. Your website may warrant redevelopment. New competitors can emerge. And new developments in Search can mean new opportunities. All are reason to assess in more detail the SEO campaign and strategy, as well as any changes that might further improve results

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